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Pine Tar Soap

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Our Pine Tar tallow soap is one of our most unique and powerful soaps.  Have you heard about the miraculous benefits of using tallow soap made from pine tar but don’t know if it’s true? From skin-calming properties to odor-absorbing abilities, pine tar soap has been popular among those with sensitive skin for centuries. But what exactly is this spectacularly powerful tool in your natural beauty arsenal?

Pine Tar soaps are  Perfect for acne skin , and very flaky skin. Both work great and in the same way. pine tar is almost scentless in saponified soap. In fact, many people are pleasantly surprised by the campfire scent of this soap. While some may describe it as a burning wood scent, others feel it has a pleasant earthy aroma that they find quite enjoyable! It is definitely worth a try for the amazing benefits this soap has to offer.

My formula is absolutely not drying to the skin . The benefits of pine  tar have been well known for centuries. Unfortunately, with the advent of the modern cosmetic industry, the benefits of tar have largely been forgotten. No worries!!!

Birch or pine tar are made from the dry distillation of the bark of Birch and Pine  trees. This process is old. Really old. There is evidence that people were dry distilling tar in what is now Germany 40,000 years ago to make a glue necessary to create weapons for hunting.

People have benefited from the restorative qualities of tar for centuries. Acne, dandruff, and itchy skin have all been successfully treated with birch and pine  tar, and because of the naturally occurring salicylic acid (an organic plant hormone) and methyl salicylate (an organic ester) in birch tar, it acts as a natural exfoliator that sloughs off dead skin and tones new skin.


The bar is about 120-130 grams

1 review for Pine Tar Soap

  1. o.adamenkova

    My husband has psoriasis, I have sensitive skin. Kids are sensitive to light eczema. No over-the-counter “dermatologist tested” big and small brands were suitable for us, but this soap is made with amazing natural ingredients that help clean your skin without overdrying and also help to heal. Pine tar doesn’t have as strong smell as birch, and is even more gentle on the skin. It’s our favourite for more than 2 years!

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